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A Transformational Leadership Coaching Program to Help You Move from "Good" to "Better" to "Great"


Presented by Felicia Howell LaBoy,
Lead Coach & Founding Partner,
The Orchestrated Effect, LLC


Program 1: Unstuck: Awareness
"You can't be prepared to unleash your greatness until you become aware of where you are now and the energy blocks that hold you back."


5 Week Online Coaching Program

High achievers who know that there is still more for them, but that there is something missing between their aspirations and their ability to achieve them.

"If it was only about grit, grind, and know-how,
you would have done it by now, but it's not.
It's about energy - specifically energy leadership"

Unstuck is the first step of the process of unleashing yourself into the life you want rather than the one you tolerate.  In this power group coaching program, you will: 

  • Complete the Making Peace With The Past  - After Action Review so as to understand how past events and regrets are keeping you stuck.

  • Complete the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment™ to learn your personal Average Energy Resonating Level --- the unique combination of all of the energy levels are working together within you, how they are affecting your stress, satisfaction, and personal outcomes. 

  • Receive a personalized ELI Report that shows how the energy levels are affecting you and various areas of personal satisfaction. 

  • Receive an Energy  Leadership Playbook, a tool that allows you to observe and apply concepts from the Group Debriefing Sessions so that you gain a high level of awareness of how energy is affecting you and what can be done about it. 

  • Complete Wheel of Life Assessment so as to one area to begin the process of shifting your energy. 

  • Create powerful “I Am” affirmations that when practiced will begin to help shape your mindset so you can begin to operate at higher energy levels. 

  • Be a part of an Accountability Group so as to have the opportunity to practice shifting your energy with regard to 1 specific goal. 

What's included

  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment™ 

  • Personalized ELI Report

  • Energy Leadership Playbook

  • Making Peace With the Past  - After Action Review 

  • 4  - 90 min Group Coaching Sessions

  • 2 Bonuses

    • Free Starting the Shift webinar that  helps you immediately experience the impact of Energy Leadership 

    • Free Chapter from Unstuck: 8 Steps You Can  Take Right Now To Receive Your Promise





When I first started working with Felicia, I was overwhelmed and unable to focus on a clear path for the future. She guided me along the journey in a way that helped me to choose priorities consistent with my passion and eliminate the distractions in my life that were draining my energy. Felicia is committed to her client’s success and combines her deep faith foundation with excellent coaching skills brilliantly to help each individual move in a positive direction.



Dr. Laboy has a way of looking past your flaws and inadequacies to see your potential as she pushes you towards your purpose. My encounters with her resulted in me being challenged to re-evaluate my priorities, push past my comfort zone, and use every gift that God has placed inside of me. She challenged me to not settle for mediocrity and demanded that I produced nothing less than greatness because the potential to do so was already within me.

     Associate Director of Diversity, Missions and Justice Ministries at Indiana Conference United Methodist


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