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8 Steps You Can Take Right Now
To Possess Your Promise

Move Your Life From “Good Enough” to GREAT!

Unstuck: 8 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Possess Your Promise provides readers you with a series of biblically based devotionals and actions steps to help you "make good" on your goals and resolutions, what the Bible refers to as your “promise,” to help you co-create with God the life that God intends for you (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Based on the book of Joshua, Unstuck invites readers to look at the life of Joshua, a man who was blessed, but knew what it was like to walk around in circles for a long time – never achieving what was promised. Someone who, after 40 years of waiting and as a senior citizen, finally accomplished the dream that God put in his heart as recorded in the book of Joshua.

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Prophets to the Nations:
Black Methodism, Liberation and the American Quest for Racial Justice

"The gift of God and genius of Black folk is brilliantly embedded and woven through the pages of this book.  This unique collection of writings speaks volumes about the omnibus Black Experience in America.  By sharing the struggles, pain and obstacles, how Black people in general and women in particular have had the power to prevail against all odds, the contributors of Prophets to the Nations have given us an uplifting and inspiring book."

Gregory G.M. Ingram, Retired Bishop, A.M.E. Church

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Table Matters: The Sacraments, Evangelism, and Social Justice

"In Table Matters Dr. LaBoy reminds us that the sacraments are a gift to the church to 'disciple and discipline' us to be a community of witness, holiness, and justice. I hope it will be widely used to shape local congregations to serve the present age."

--Gregory Vaughn Palmer, Resident Bishop, Ohio West Episcopal Area, United Methodist Church

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