Dr. LaBoy offers critical insight into her clients’ deepest potential, protracting their core values, while eradicating doubt, the past and fear like a surgeon performing value replacement upon one’s heart! Felicia is caring, compassionate and comforting in her transformational life coaching!
— Rev. Dr. Paris Smith, Founder of The Official Preacher's Reading Challenge 2018 and beyond

When I first started working with Felicia, I was overwhelmed and unable to focus on a clear path for the future. She guided me along the journey in a way that helped me to choose priorities consistent with my passion and eliminate the distractions in my life that were draining my energy. Felicia is committed to her client’s success and combines her deep faith foundation with excellent coaching skills brilliantly to help each individual move in a positive direction.
— Annette E. Craven, PhD, CPA, CPC, CTDS, ELI-MP

Dr. Laboy has a way of looking past your flaws and inadequacies to see your potential as she pushes you towards your purpose. My encounters with her resulted in me being challenged to re-evaluate my priorities, push past my comfort zone and use every gift that God has placed inside of me. She challenged me to not settle for mediocrity and demanded that I produced nothing less than greatness because the potential to do so was already within me.
— Rev. Annettra Jones, Lead Pastor, Cook Memorial UMC

My DMin advisees who took her seminar were inspired to try new approaches to issues in their ministerial context. They gained new perspective about the issues they identified and their resources for making a difference. Dr. LaBoy is an entrepreneur to her core, and I learned that she communicates this way of thinking to students. Dr. LaBoy stokes disciplined creativity in doctoral seminars. More than this, Dr. LaBoy is a phenomenal conversation partner for ministers in the classroom. She has practiced what she preaches and publishes
— Dr. Scott Williamson, Robert H. Walkup Professor of Theological Ethics, Louisville Seminary

“Coaching is powerful and something I knew about, but never found myself feeling as if it was something I could afford to invest in. After a brief yet powerful time of coaching with Rev. Dr. Felicia LaBoy, I am in awe of what a difference an hour can make and highly anticipate future sessions. Well worth the investment in self.”
— Linda Furtado, Founder, Ministers' Helper and Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry in the United Methodist Church