Dr. Felicia LaBoy
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Why Settle For Small,

When Greatness Lies Within

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Next Level Core Energy Coaching

Coaching services that help you gain clarity, focus and navigate through change and transition to achieve the next level of your destiny.

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Academic Coaching for Masters, DMin & Ph.D. Students

When school, family, work and life in general are out of harmony, we may finish our degrees, but our investment of time and money is not maximized. Often, our health, relationships, and work are also compromised.

As a former professor and Associate Dean for Masters and Doctoral programs, I developed a proven system for helping grad students and strategize their studies so that everything they do academically benefits them and the people they serve.

As a professionally trained Coach, I am able to help you become conscious of what undermines your confidence and causes you to procrastinate or underperform. By working with me, not only do you get the benefit of my experience as a nontraditional student and academician, you can alter your attitudes and perspective, make a shift in your level of consciousness which is directly related to your actions. This will help you to shift from functioning effectively to functioning optimally!

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Books & Published Articles

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Unstuck: 8 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Possess Your Promise

Rather than believing the promises of God or that God loves them and will help them accomplish more than they ever thought they could in their own strength, many people settle for an “okay” life. They know deep down inside that they were created for more. So, they remain “stuck” – blessed, but not challenged or fulfilled.

If this sounds like you, Unstuck: 8 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Possess Your Promise can provide you with a series of biblically based devotionals and actions steps to help you "make good" on your goals and resolutions, what the Bible refers to as your “promise,” to help you co-create with God the life that God intends (Ephesians 2:8-10).

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Table Matters: The Sacraments, Evangelism and Social Justice

In many churches, the work of evangelism and social justice is relegated to clergy, staff, or special committees. Rarely do most members of the laity believe they should or even want to engage in the tasks of evangelism and social justice. In this volume, LaBoy contends that participation in baptism and Eucharist mandates for all Christians--and those who are Wesleyan in their orientation, in particular--that evangelism and social justice are not optional but in fact integral to their worship and witness. 

"In Table Matters Dr. LaBoy reminds us that the sacraments are a gift to the church to 'disciple and discipline' us to be a community of witness, holiness, and justice. I hope it will be widely used to shape local congregations to serve the present age." -

Gregory Vaughn Palmer, Resident Bishop, Ohio West Episcopal Area, United Methodist Church

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Forthcoming Book: Not For Women Only: Leadership Lessons From Women In the Bible

Very rarely are the women of the Bible preached or taught about on their own. On those ocassions when they are, it is often in a way that doesn’t highlight their true genius for the entire Body of Christ.

In this collection of 40 devotionals, walk along with the women of the Bible to discover the leadership lessons that they have to teach all men and women.

Book Release: Spring 2019