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This 15 oz ceramic mug is can be personalized for every man that serves your church.


This design is also available for a 12 oz mug.

Men of the church mug

  • Mug(s)are each custom-made to order, with no returns, remakes, or exchanges unless there is a problem or error on our behalf. If so, the error must be submitted to us immediately upon receipt of the mu(g)s.

  • Mugs are handmade and will be completed within 7 days of ordering. They will be shipped to you to arrive between 7 and 10 days after they are completed.

    Shipping Costs: $3.50 per mug  in the continental U.S. Shipping cost will be added to the final cost once the order is completed.

    (For example, the total cost of one (1) 15 oz Mug is  $18.50 ($15 for mug + $3.50 shipping).

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