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Conference Special Discount Packages

Special Pricing for all 2019 conference attendees where Dr. LaBoy is speaking.

Spend Your Continuing Education Funds on Any of These and See If You Don’t End Up Further This Year Rather Than Last Year!

If you want to make good on your goals this year, here are some personalized activities that can help you get where you want to go.

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Unlike, Myers-Briggs, StrengthFinders or Enneagram assessments, the ELI™ is a one-of-a-kind online assessment that gives you a baseline for your current performance and how you "show up" in your world.  It also provides insights on how to lessen stress and increase performance and satisfaction.  By working with me using the ELI™, you can alter your attitudes and perspectives, and make a shift in your level of consciousness which is directly related to your actions. You'll be debriefed on the findings of the assessment and coached on how to navigate yourself to shift from functioning effectively to functioning optimally!

Package Includes:

  • Online Assessment (about 20 minutes) (You will receive a link to the online assessment within 24 hours of submitting your order.)

  • Customized personal report

  • 90-minute Debriefing Consultation/Coaching Session (Over the phone or via Zoom/Skype)

  • Two (2) 60-minute coaching sessions that help you begin"The Shift."

Convocation Price: $350 ($100 off regular price of $450)



Something has changed but you don't know what. What you do know is that what you used to do that brought about results and a sense of fulfillment is no longer worker? Furthermore, it seems the harder you try, the worse it gets.

You are not alone. In our rapidly changing , "post-everything" kind of world, those that will succeed will have to know how to reposition and adapt by:

  • Readily identifying what's changed/changing;

  • Committing to making a PARADIGM SHIFT, not just an incremental change;

  • Assessing and acknowledging what they need to let go of -- good and bad;

  • Managing the transition (the emotional toll change takes);

  • Taking RADICAL, UNPRECEDENTED and EXPERIMENTAL steps to move forward; and


Adapting and repositioning are also not the time to navigate making these shifts alone. For this reason, our "Reposition Yourself" Coaching Package is offered as Group Coaching Event. Group Coaching, puts you in a “tribe” of like-minded folk who are working through the same kind of issues so that you can support one another, and see that you are not “the only one” going through or struggling with something.

5-Week Group Coaching Package Includes:

  • Five (5) Small Group Interactive Sessions via Zoom which allow for group chat and questions;

  • Access to previously recorded sessions during Group Coaching Period;

  • REPOSITION YOURSELF FOR GREATNESS workbook to help you take notes , record aha's and journal ideas; and

  • One complimentary 30-minute coaching session

Covocation Special Pricing: $60 per session or $250 paid-in-full

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DMin Coaching Services

Helping You Make the Most of Your Academic Investment

Certified professional coaches help people break through what holds them back and challenge them to focus on what they really want and feel called to do. As in sports, coaches help people move from being good to great.  

When I was a doctoral student, I juggled being a bi-vocational pastor, new wife and a caretaker for my dad.  I know what it is like to know you need help, but don’t know exactly what is keeping you from excelling in school, ministry and life.  I learned the hard way that when school, family, and ministry are out of harmony,we may finish our degrees, but our investment of time and money is not maximized. Often, our health, relationships, and ministry are also compromised.

As a former professor and Associate Dean for DMin programs, I developed a proven system for helping DMin students start well and plan their studies such that everything they do in the academic realm feeds directly into their ministry setting – benefitting them and the people they serve.

I offer coaching, consulting and editing services for every stage of the DMin process. For more information, click below: